Flower on the Womb

In Japan there are the Shinto Shrines for safe delivery and infant's health.  Mothers or Mother's family offers the object that resembles the mother's breasts. There are countless breast objects that is the symbol of love.  You get overwhelmed with love: euphoria.

The objects inspire me to make these art works. This is a precious object to offer to mothers and those who remember mother's love. Born from the mother's body all men and women are all connected to Mother Earth. Maternity is a symbol of creation, peace and love. This series of works to always remember where we came from, humbleness and love.  As of the end of 2017, I have made 20 objects, 80 more to make.

Crying Animals

All the sentient being are crying.   Why we are afraid of embracing  emotions.

Society emphasis on being "happy  without tears."  I cannot ignore all terrible incidents constantly happening in the world. Mass murder, terrorism, violence... . We see people crying everyday on TV. Sometimes, I would rather shed tears than have a fake smile on my face.  As of the end of 2017, I have made 74 drawings








Right after The Eastern JapanEarthquake,Tsunami and Nuclear disaster.

I made this drawings to think about the pets that were left home.

And many pets had to stay home until their owner eventually came to get them.


There were more sad endings than happy endings.