Up-coming exhibitions

   Solo Exhibition: Japaneseness! From Traditional To Kawaii 


On-Going Exhibition                                                                                                                                25th Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Salon Show

Williamsburg Art Historical Center

135Dates: Feb 3 ~ March.9

Gallery Hours: Sat & Sun 1~5 pm


** Please check the YouTube above.


They exhibit my drawing below: Mothers...Sons and Brothers




My work is at Gallery SIACCA in Ginza, Tokyo from Jan.29 ~Feb 3.











Exhibiting work:

" Impossible to Picture" 12 h x 9 w "  Graphite on Paper, 2007

Solo Exhibition

Whispers of the Soul: Prayer in Art




December 9 (Sat.) ~

                         December 21(Thurs.) 2023

** The Exhibition will be on view from Dec. 9th.


Reception Party

December 16 (Sat.) 3~5 pm




Tenri Gallery

(Tenri Cultural Institution)


43A 13th St. New York, NY 10011



Mon. 12-6 pm

Tue. 12-6 pm

Wed. 12-6 pm

Thurs. 12-6 pm

Fri. Closed

Sat. 12-3 pm ** Dec.16 12-5 pm

Sun. Closed


Artist will be at the Gallery

Saturdays and more days (TBA)