Recent Announcement from Artist 2019

I have had opportunities to show my older works recently.  It is very nice to know my works get re-recogonition by curators and art lovers.  Here's the works selected for  "Creative Mosaic: Artists living in Queens" exhibition curated by Osman Can Yerebakan.  The Exhibition starts from September 5 at Plaxall Gallery in LIC. I re-created these drawings: Torturing the Innocence created 2006-2007.   Thirteen years of my life experience deepens my works.  




There will be Japanese Artists Association of New York, The 47th Annual Exhibition from September 6th at Tenri Gallery.

This year I will show this calligram drawing which I created 10 years ago and recently added new element.


The message text is by Andy Warhol's quote: I don't believe people die.  They just go uptown to Bloomingdales.   Everything Andy predicted has come to real.  People live on the Internet forever.  He also said that everyone gets famous in 15 minutes.  This is also true now by Youtube or Instagram.


I sometimes wonder if we ever lived or were born.

We could be a shadow of the parallel world.  


I added message text as a response to Warhol's words.  Are you sure that you are still alive?




I am showing my Sumi-e works from Japonica Series at

Sumi-e Art Exhibition by the Metro NY Chapter, S.S.A

"Rejuvenation" at 9th Street Salon

502 9th Street (bet 7th & 8th Ave.) Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY   

May 19 and May 20, 12~6 pm