Contemplating 20 years in New York... and this is my 21st year.




 My inspirations are nature and the events that happen in society.

 And my attitude towards art is to be genuine and free. I create art with an unbiased and free mind.


 When I was in Japan, I was making paintings in Western expressions that I thought of. Twenty-one years ago, when I came to New York, the center of contemporary art, I was keenly aware of my Japaneseness and created my work directly influenced by Ukiyo-e. 

Soon I went back to school to learn more about contemporary art. Eventually I got a BFA and MFA from Hunter College, CUNY. I was fascinated by the history of Western art, conceptual art, and New York School work. 


 Also, I have been teaching ink painting to Americans for about 10 years. We will talk about Japanese culture as well as the technique of Sumi-e. I also talk to my students about the differences between Japanese and Western aesthetics. I have gained knowledge about my own culture through teaching.


 I have created works with various art expressions such as Western art  Japanese art  New York art. However, when I started teaching sumi-e, I realized once again the wonderful color of sumi and the eloquent brush strokes of sumi-e. However, instead of borrowing motief of  Ukiyo-e and Japanese paintings that I had done 21 years ago, I began to incorporate the essential aspects of them into my work. 


 It's relatively recent that I started using ink and Japanese paper directly, but I think that the influence of Japanese art can be seen here and there in the subject matter, composition, motifs and colors in my works.

What I see throughout my work is that my sensibility is undeniably nurtured by Japanese culture.


 I appriciate and celebrate cultural differences and aesthetics. Placing own Japaneseness in the center of my expression, I continue to making art which is authentic to myself.



Below is my new work after car accident on Jan 26, this year.


"Daisies on the Rock"  Sumi-ink, Washi, watercolor, Collage, drawing/painting.

about 40 x 60 inches.   

 The Year of OX



   I had the opportunity to show Kakizome/Calligraphy for Japan Society's New Year event. 


  I had studied calligraphy from the age of 8 until I graduated from high school.  Also,  I had received a calligraphy lesson from a priest at a nearby Zen temple in my adulthood.


 Calligraphy is always a soothing experience for me.  Ever since I come to the United States, I have more opportunities to teach sumi-e and sometimes calligraphy.


  I am very honored to introduce Japanese culture.  Calligraphy and sumi-e require a great mental discipline   on each stroke and cannot be redone. With  the faint scent of ink, I feel that my heart is at ease. There are three types of videos. Please visit Japan Society and I hope you will enjoy the special event.



Recent Exhibition Information


The Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City.


It is my annual year end event to participate this affordable art fair. I exhibited two works: The Flower on the Womb and they are sold soon.  I brought two more and sold another. 


I guess each of these works makes somebody chuckle everyday.

from left to right: : The Flowers on the Womb series: "Hello Kitty""Red and Brown""Black widow"

All are hand knitted 12x12 inches.

The WAH Center’s 23rd Anniversary Year

“The Nii-san Anniversary Year”

Chief Curator: Yuko Nii

Section Curators: Sonomi Kobayashi, Mieko Mitachi, Yuko Nii, Kiriko Shirobatashi

Show Dates: October 26 – December 29, 2019

Special Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12 – 5 pm


Amaterasu was selected for "NEW JAPANESE HORIZON" Exhibition.  


I am very honored to be a part of this exhibition.


I participated the exhibition titled Apocalypse 1999 here at the Williamsburg Art and Historical center.


Twenty years later, here I am at the WHA Center at the New Horizon.  



Crative Mosaic


continued at 

the Citi Building exhibition space in LIC.


My works were  selected!!

I have had opportunities to show my older works recently.  It is very nice to know my works get re-recogonition by curators and art lovers.  Here's the works selected for  "Creative Mosaic: Artists living in Queens" exhibition curated by Osman Can Yerebakan.  The Exhibition starts from September 5 at Plaxall Gallery in LIC. I re-created these drawings: Torturing the Innocence created 2006-2007.   Thirteen years of my life experience deepens my works.  




There will be Japanese Artists Association of New York, The 47th Annual Exhibition from September 6th at Tenri Gallery.

This year I will show this calligram drawing which I created 10 years ago and recently added new element.


The message text is by Andy Warhol's quote: I don't believe people die.  They just go uptown to Bloomingdales.   Everything Andy predicted has come to real.  People live on the Internet forever.  He also said that everyone gets famous in 15 minutes.  This is also true now by Youtube or Instagram.


I sometimes wonder if we ever lived or were born.

We could be a shadow of the parallel world.  


I added message text as a response to Warhol's words.  Are you sure that you are still alive?




I am showing my Sumi-e works from Japonica Series at

Sumi-e Art Exhibition by the Metro NY Chapter, S.S.A

"Rejuvenation" at 9th Street Salon

502 9th Street (bet 7th & 8th Ave.) Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY   

May 19 and May 20, 12~6 pm